Joystick & Cell Phone Support Pack - STL Files for 3D Print
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Joystick & Cell Phone Support Pack - STL Files for 3D Print

Joystick & Cell Phone Support Pack - STL Files for 3D Print

-The pack includes the following:

1 - Crash Bandicoot
2- Groot
3- Monkey D. Luffy
4- Spider-Man
5- God of war
6- Venom
8- Ryu
9- Sonic
10- Spyro
11- Wolverine
12- Akuma
13- Super Iron-Man soporte joystick
14- Iron-Man soporte celullar
15- Luigi Soporte Celular
16- Luigi Soporte joystick
17- Mario Soporte celular
18- Mario soporte joystick
19- Mario Soporte Swich
20- Luigi Soporte Swich
21- Hulk
22- The last of us part 2
23- Stomtropper


€18.00 Tax excluded

STL digital file to print on 3D printer. After payment, go to "Your Account" / "Order History" / "Data", click on the name of the article to download a .zip file with the download link inside. Instantly and without waiting.

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