STL files related to the world of music.

Angus Young ACDC - STL Files for 3D Print
Angus Young - ACDC
Angus McKinnon Young is a British musician of Australian nationality, known for being one of the founding members and the main guitarist of the AC / DC group, apart from being the only member who has remained in the band since its inception.
James Hetfield Metallica - STL 3D print files
James Hetfield - Metallica
James Alan Hetfield is an American musician known for being the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter for the thrash metal band Metallica, as well as co-founding it with Lars Ulrich.
Eddie Bust Iron Maiden - 3d print stl files
Eddie Bust - Iron Maiden
Eddie, full name Eddie the Head, is the mascot of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
He is an anthropomorphic character who appears on all the covers of the different albums of the band, in addition to merchandise, which includes t-shirts, posters and action figures.
Michael Jackson Jumbox - STL 3D print files
Michael Jackson Jumbox - STL 3D print files
This 3D figure is in Stl format, which is optimized for 3D printing (FDM and resin) . The files are available for download after purchase.